25 février 2007


God ain't lying on the pavementWashed away by the rain, no.He's inside, dry & coiled.
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17 janvier 2007

Maybe Madeleine in Ohio...Novembre 2006

Maybe Madeleine in Ohio would like me. Maybe Madeleine in Ohio understands every single thought I think. Maybe Madeleine in Ohio cries with me – I think near Gare du Midi. I'm on the bus and my cheeks have been rained over like they never have before.I don't cry because I'm desperate. I cry because of the calm after the storm. I cry because of friendship. I cry because I hear the voices of my sirens. And they have said things like You sheela na gig. And they have said things like Poor little rich...(girl).And because I'm so lost.... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2007

THANK YOU - Eté 2006

I know I'll never be capable of rendering yesterday night's events. It was just too strong. Too perfect. My writing is too clumsy and to bland to reproduce such power. But I want something material to cling onto. A way of remembering. I don't want it to dissolve into the night. Although it's left a deep deep mark in my heart. Forever. Last night, something happened. Words were said. Words that had been screaming to come out since I was born.I didn't want to go at frst. I even figured I could make up an excuse. Pretend to be sick or... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2007

Lucignano...Eté 2006

23 h 30I'm in Lucignano with the girls. I wonder why I do not smoke. I do not smoke. For the wrong reasons. It's not cuz I'm “wise” or “serene” or any noble thing like that. If I do not smoke, it's just cuz I'm frozen, weak and numb. I'm too numb to even think of smoking. I'm too numb to lift a cigarette to my mouth. I'm not even born. That's why I can't smoke.I think of L. She doesn't smoke either. But for the right reasons. She's thought it through.We're heading towards the restaurant. I say it's weird for me to sit at a table... [Lire la suite]
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